Our Relations — Strong, Committed, Sustained

We began our careers sitting across the table from our clients, advising and writing policies. We continue to do so today. Along the way, we developed an expertise in Long Term Care insurance that needed to be shared. We began educating agents/reps/advisors, who now total over 15,000+. The depth of our relationships is the very core of our success, and a reflection of our unwavering commitment to a higher standard.

We understand that you cannot put a price tag on stress and hope is not a strategy. Helping your clients maintain their dignity, their choices, and their hard-earned savings is what we do best. We work with the top insurance providers to maximize your long term care planning options needed to create a personalized plan for your clients.

Please contact our Licensing Department at 1-800-544-5420 to be allied with a leader in the LTC Insurance industry. If you're already part of our organization, click Agent Login (upper right).